Setting Gmail for laravel 5.2 in Live server

You need to create the gmail app password for your laravel web application.
1) enable ‘two step verification
2) create app password for your gmail

3) edit the .env file

MAIL_USERNAME=<<your email address>>
MAIL_PASSWORD=<<app password>>

4) edit the config/mail.php

return [
    'driver' => env('MAIL_DRIVER', 'smtp'),
    'host' => env('MAIL_HOST', ''),
    'port' => env('MAIL_PORT', 587),
    'from' => ['address' => '<<your email>>', 'name' => '<<any name>>'],
    'encryption' => env('MAIL_ENCRYPTION', 'tls'),
    'username' => env('MAIL_USERNAME'),
    'password' => env('MAIL_PASSWORD'),
    'sendmail' => '/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs',
    'pretend' => false,


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